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"Dear M. Toki
I am sad to see your carrer end. I hope your injury is not too bad and that you will continue as oyakata.
Sumo will certainly not be the same after you.
Good bye."
(2006/05/06, Alain Colas from France, by e-mail)

"Hello Toki, it is Vincentohana, the other French fan. For Nagoya basho, Go toki GO! I hope really that you will release the kaki-koshi this time. You must stay in makuuchi and please, do tsuparry and nodowa, your special technique. All my family is with you, and my dad is fan of you. He wishes you good luck. And thank you very much to fight like that, it is handsome, thank you. GO TOKI GO, Vincentohana!"
(2004/07/03, Vincentohana from France, by e-mail)

"Hello Toki, I am Vincentohana and I am a french fan like Hoshifransu. I wish you a happy new year and your family, your wife Yuko, your son Leo and your girl Cocona. I hope you will do a great season 2004 and a good Hatsu Basho. I think you can become Sekiwake and I know you can do this.

(2004/01/03, Vincentohana from France, by e-mail)

[about Toki's third bout at Aki basho 2003] "Toki's day 3 win was the usual Toki. Two-handed tsuki followed by skillful pulldown dropping Wakanosato immediately. That was strong hiki-waza!"
(2003/09/09, Kaikitsune from Finland, by e-mail)

[about Toki's second bout at Natsu basho 2003] "One slap on Otsukasa's face was enough to disorientate him fully and neat bum's rush followed !"
(2003/05/12, Kaikitsune from Finland, by e-mail)

[about Toki's first bout at Natsu basho 2003] "Toki battered Shimotori in exclusive Toki-style and didn't succumb to loomimg loss even when Shimotori closed the gap and took a morozashi! Instead Toki powerfully turned and upended Shimotori with devastating kotenage ! That truly was masterful bout for him. Tomorrow he will face Otsukasa with whom he has had no problems in the past. 7-0 record in prior meetings is easy to understand since Otsukasa's reach simply isn't enough to get close and he can't penetrate the ruthless attack by Toki's arms. Should be a good victory in sight for tomorrow."
(2003/05/11, Kaikitsune from Finland, by e-mail)

"I also like Toki very much.
Other than many others, I think his technical abilities aren't that limited.
As we saw last basho [Haru 2003] (was it against my favourite Kotonowaka?) he showed that he absolutely IS able to fight at the mawashi.
But like every other rikishi he prefers what he can the best and this are his tzukis and graps to the face/throat.
For others it might look brute what he does, but I love this style.
One thing I like the most, is when he thrashes his opponents from the dohyo with no mercy.
Even if Takanotsuru looks similar, he can't be compared to Toki.
Like Toki, Takanotsuru is famous for his sideburns, but that's it.
Toki is not only different by his appearance, what makes him different is his style."
(2003/05, Feginowaka from Liechtenstein, by e-mail)

"One of the appealing features in Toki's sumo is his quite common but yet characteristical
breathing rhytm - the elastic and collagen fibers in his skin layers embracing his cheeks stretch
in harmony as Toki exhales strongly with cheeks full of air when battering his foes with slaps,
throat, thrusts, etc.
Sometimes he roars when exhaling air vibrates his vocal cords. All this is often predictable and
it's evident that at the very moment his breathing rhytm ceases to work in favour of him, he is
bound to lose." (2002, Kaikitsune from Finland @

"His style is really amazing ! Rikishi with his weight generally crash into their opponent, body to
body, to push and to win by oshitaoshi or oshidashi, and Toki has only one obsession : to grab
the throat of the opponent, to slap faces, to work the opponent's head and not the opponent's
body ! Toki is in another world meanwhile his opponents are in the real hard world of Toki !
Absolutely fantastic ! I'm 200 percent fan of him !" (2002, Hoshifransu from France @

"Toki is not a joke" (2002, Kaikitsune from Finland @ the sumo game forum -

"Toki, the man with the sideburns, a very rough fighter." (2002, Syd Hoare @